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Plan to Attend Mass Meetings on February 20th

This spring, Republicans will have their county, district and state conventions, along with precinct mass meetings. This post is a guide on what to expect.

Precinct Mass Meetings

Precinct mass meetings will be held on February 20th, 2016, beginning at 10 AM, sharp. Registration opens at 9 AM, and prospective attendees are encouraged to arrive early in order to be seated by the beginning of the mass meetings. In Gwinnett County, we’ll hold combined mass meetings for all precincts at Norcross High School, 5300 Spalding Drive in Norcross.

Precinct mass meetings in Presidential election years are held to select delegates and alternates to the County Convention in March. Each precinct is assigned a number of delegates to the County Convention, based on the percentage of the vote in that precinct for the Republican presidential candidate in the previous election. An equal number of alternates may be selected. Only those delegates selected at the mass meeting are eligible to vote at the County Convention.

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January Breakfast – Eggs & Issues

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope both the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 have been good to you.

11 months! Yes 11 months till the 2016 election to determine who will be the next President of the United States. Are you ready? Will you be involved to help send our Republican nominee to the White House? I hope so. Every vote counts and every person willing to help is vital to declaring victory. No matter who the Republican Party nominates in 2016, there’s a lot of work to be done trying to expand the GOP presidential electorate, whether by appealing to new, young voters, disenchanted Obama 2012 voters, evangelical Christians, blue collar working-class or various some other group. Will you help out? You can get your start by showing up at our January Breakfast next Saturday. We’ll have sign up sheets and membership forms to get you engaged. Read more »


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you the best of everything always.

No people ought to feel greater obligations to celebrate the goodness of the Great Disposer of Events and of the Destiny of Nations than the people of the United States. His kind providence originally conducted them to one of the best portions of the dwelling place allotted for the great family of the human race. He protected and cherished them under all the difficulties and trials to which they were exposed in their early days. Under His fostering care their habits, their sentiments, and their pursuits prepared them for a transition in due time to a state of independence and self-government. In the arduous struggle by which it was attained they were distinguished by multiplied tokens of His benign interposition. . . . And to the same Divine Author of Every Good and Perfect Gift we are indebted for all those privileges and advantages, religious as well as civil, which are so richly enjoyed in this favored land.

President James Madison’s 1815 Thanksgiving Proclamation

On behalf of the Gwinnett County Republican Party, I would like to extend to you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with moments of joy and memories. As you gather around the table today, take a moment to remember those no longer with us, as well as those around the world standing watch to protect this great country of ours.

“The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26

Rich Carithers
Gwinnett County Republican Party


You’re invited to the annual Gwinnett GOP Christmas & Hanukkah Dinner

The Gwinnett County Republican Party, on behalf of the Gwinnett Republican Women, the Gwinnett Young Republicans and the Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta cordially invites you to our annual Christmas & Hanukkah party.

We’re honored this year to have a very special guest speaker, Dr. Alveda King. Dr. King currently serves as a Pastoral Associate and Director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries. She is a former college professor and served in the Georgia House of Representatives. Dr. King is the daughter of late civil rights activist, Dr. A.D. King and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. She has a great personal testimony to hear and you don’t want to miss out. Read more »

Rich Carithers

Chairman’s Message, November 9th

365 days.8,766 hours.525,969 minutes.31,536,000 seconds. These are the amounts of time you have to make a difference in who will occupy the White House come January 2017. We’re exactly one year away from the election of deciding who our next President will be. And by the time you read this, the polls will have closed on the East Coast a year from now. Are you going to be involved? Will you be involved? Have you decided you’ll make a difference because you don’t like seeing how our country has lost some of it’s greatness under a Democratic administration and know it will only get worse with a President Hillary Clinton? Here’s your chance, your opportunity, your window, your opening, your invitation to no longer sit on the sidelines. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a lot about Republican politics or how to get involved because that’s what the Gwinnett Republican Party is for, to help you with that. We’re needing your talents and your skills to ensure our nominee is sworn in as the next President of the United States. Here are several opportunities before the end of 2015 to help start that process. Read more »


3rd Annual Gwinnett GOP Chili Cook-Off!

We’re sending out a quick reminder about the Chili Cook-Off. We’ve moved the date to October 31st, so there’s still time to register if you want to enter your favorite chili recipe. Come out and have some fun with the Gwinnett GOP as you judge for yourself who has the best chili. Click on the link below to buy your tickets today!

  • Have you got a love for chili like no other? Got a super secret recipe that can win hands down? Think you can beat the reigning champion? Then this event is for you!
  • Does your chili come with beans or no beans? Is it the best vegetarian chili around? Have a white chili recipe that’s out of this world? Then this event is for you!
  • Is there a political candidate you’re passionate about and want to get their platform out? Got a business you want to promote and attract new customers to? Then this event is for you!

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