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Global Governance & the One World Order. Just how far have we come? – Kim Fletter

Kim Fletter will be the speaker at our next meeting on January 4th.  The information she will present will be difficult to believe, but the documentation she brings is irrefutable.
Almost everything the UN and other global governance organizations do is ‘hiding’ in plain sight.  Staring with the name itself, which is the very definition of a one world government, the United Nations is working to take your freedoms, little by little, year by year.  Unless you learn to recognize the methods and programs the UN and its globalist operatives use you may not know it when you see it.

Kim has done the research, and will present to you startling information that is being ignored by too many people.  Her presentation will expose the UN Agenda as you have never seen, using documents and information that are open and available to anyone who takes the time to look.  To view this body as only some sort of high level think tank is to miss the fact that they have well defined long term goals which they have successfully pushed down to federal, state and local governments all over our country.  Many of the decisions made by your local Planning and Zoning boards, and even some of the guidelines enforced by your local Home Owner Associations can be traced back to the UN.


January 04, 2018 at 7pm - 9pm


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510 Briscoe Blvd
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
United States
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