Our Platform


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  1. Principles of the Gwinnett Republican Party

    • We believe in the rule of law.
    • We believe in equality under the law.
    • We believe in free markets and economic freedom.
  2. Section 1. Taxes

    • We support taxation only for the essential functions of government.
    • We believe your money, your decision.
    • We believe in lowering the tax burden.
  3. Section 2. Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    • We believe in the right of self-defense.
    • We believe in the 2nd
  4. Section 3. Criminal Justice

    • We believe in safe communities.
    • We support the rights of victims.
  5. Section 4. Property Rights

    • We believe in the rights to private property.
    • We believe in the right to due process.
  6. Section 5. Education

    • We believe every student deserves quality education.
    • We believe in teaching our founding principles of a free society.
    • We believe in local control of education.
  7. Section 6. Immigration

    • We believe in lawful immigration.
    • We support secure borders.
  8. Section 7. Infrastructure

    • We support safe and effective public infrastructure.
    • We believe in responsible spending of tax dollars.
  9. Section 8. Health Care Reform

    • We believe in free market solutions.
    • We support price transparency.
  10. Section 9. Protecting Human Life

    • We believe life is a basic right.
    • We support policies to encourage adoption.
  11. Section 10. Welfare

    • We believe in lifting up individuals to independence.
  12. Section 11. Religious Freedom

    • We believe in the unalienable right to freedom of religion.
  13. Section 12. State of Israel

    • We believe the State of Israel has a right to exist.
    • We support Jerusalem as the Capitol city of Israel.
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