Breakfast Mtg July 2017

July Breakfast

D.A. King Mary Kay Murphy, Leo Smith


DA King is the leading expert on the problems of Illegal immigration in the state of Georgia. He has spoken on the topic for well over a decade and he has defended conservative law and order policies at the national level. I have learned a great deal from him on this topic. He has also become an expert on how certain segments of both parties resist protecting our communities from undocumented labor and other illegal activities. DA is also a Marine.

Mary Kay Murphy is a long serving member of the Gwinnett School Board and a loyal Republican. I asked her to speak on some of the positive things going on with the schools. Several of our schools have received national recognition for excellence. We can use this information to promote the Republican to undecided voters.

Leo Smith has spent many years working to promote the Republican party in various minorities communities. He was the director of Minorities Engagement under John Padgett. He has some good ideas that we need to hear.



     Doors Open:     9:00 am
     Meeting Starts: 9:30 am


July 15, 2017 at 9am - 11am


Gwinnett County GOP HQ


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