Gwinnett GOP HQ will be open M/W/F from

11:00am - 6:00pm

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The Republican Party, commonly referred to as the GOP (abbreviation for Grand Old Party). The party is named after republicanism, the dominant value during the American Revolution. Founded by anti-slavery activists, modernists, ex-Whigs, and ex-Free Soilers in 1854, the Republicans dominated politics nationally and in the majority of northern States for most of the period between 1860 and 1932. The GOP is now in control of the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal Government.

There have been 18 Republican presidents, the first being Abraham Lincoln, who served from 1861 to 1865.

The Gwinnett County Republican Party is committed to promoting Republican ideals and principles from our founding, as well as recruiting and electing qualified candidates for public office, developing an effective grassroots organization that will motivate the electorate to vote and raise the funds necessary to complete these objectives.

Gwinnett County Republican Party Platform

Principles of the Gwinnett Republican Party

  • We believe in the rule of law.
  • We believe in equality under the law.
  • We believe in free markets and economic freedom.

Section 1.  Taxes

  • We support taxation only for the essential functions of government.
  • We believe your money, your decision.
  • We believe in lowering the tax burden.

Section 2. Right to Keep and Bear Arms

  • We believe in the right of self-defense.
  • We believe in the 2nd

Section 3.  Criminal Justice

  • We believe in safe communities.
  • We support the rights of victims.

Section 4.  Property Rights

  • We believe in the rights to private property.
  • We believe in the right to due process.

Section 5.  Education

  • We believe every student deserves quality education.
  • We believe in teaching our founding principles of a free society.
  • We believe in local control of education.

Section 6.  Immigration

  • We believe in lawful immigration.
  • We support secure borders.

Section 7.  Infrastructure

  • We support safe and effective public infrastructure.
  • We believe in responsible spending of tax dollars.

Section 8.  Health Care Reform

  • We believe in free market solutions.
  • We support price transparency.

Section 9.  Protecting Human Life

  • We believe life is a basic right.
  • We support policies to encourage adoption.

Section 10.  Welfare

  • We believe in lifting up individuals to independence.

Section 11.  Religious Freedom

  • We believe in the unalienable right to freedom of religion.

Section 12.  State of Israel

  • We believe the State of Israel has a right to exist.
  • We support Jerusalem as the Capitol city of Israel.

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